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What does website monitoring tool do?
Website monitoring tool keeps track of the uptime, downtime and ping status of the websites in real time and sends the error report to the webmasters or the software users.

How many website can be monitored using website monitoring tool and if the website goes down, will I be notified?
The website monitoring software can monitor any number of websites and provide various alert notifications when any website is found down or inaccessible.

How the website monitoring tool will notify users about the website's status?
Website monitoring software alerts user about the website status through email or sound beep or by running a specific program.

What types of website's errors can be tracked by the website monitoring tool?
The errors regarding uptime, downtime or ping status of the websites like ‘Connection Failed’, ‘Server Not Found’, ‘Low Bandwidth’, ‘Host not Found’, ‘Low Connectivity’ and other similar errors can be easily detected by the website monitoring tool.

What is Backlink checker Utility?
Backlink checker checks the backlink status of advertiser's (user) websites on various publishers' websites.

Does the backlink checker software alerts user if any inconsistency occurs?
Yes, the back link utility alerts user by sending an email notification at the specified email address.

In what conditions, the inconsistency occurs?
The inconsistency occurs when the errors like 'website link is unavailable', 'website link not found', 'website link removed' or 'advertiser’s page link is not displayed on publisher’s site' etc are displayed.

Can we generate the report of all the discrepancies?
Yes, the report can be generated easily in TXT or HTML file format and can be saved at user specified location.