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USB Data Protection Tool
USB Data Protection Tool

USB Data Protection Tool FAQ


What is the need of USB data protection tool?
USB data protection tool help to track and watch all USB device insertion and removal activities from any computer system on the windows network.

How USB Activity Monitoring Software for Windows network works on Client machine?
USB Activity Monitoring Software runs in stealth mode on client machine. Client’s USB device access activities can be tracked by the server whenever the USB device is detected on the client’s machine over network.

Which USB storage devices can be easily detected if inserted or removed from the machines connected in a windows network?
The plug-in and plug out of various USB mass storage devices can be easily detected with the USB data protection tool. Some of them are Pen Drives, USB Cameras (mass storage), USB Flash cards, USB MP3 players, USB Audio players, USB video players, Pocket PCs (mass storage), Mobile phones (mass storage), iPods and other USB mass storage enabled devices.

Is there any alert notification during the insertion or removal of USB device activities?
Yes, USB Monitoring utility has the facility to notify the server about USB device activities instantly with a sound beep.

Can USB Data Theft protection tool provide offline monitoring?
Yes, the insertion and removal activities of USB mass storage devices can be monitored offline i.e. the USB data protection tool monitor activities of USB storage devices on client’s machine even if the network connection is broken or the network cable is unplugged.

How can we view the recorded activities of USB devices?
All the activities of USB devices are recorded in a Monitoring Log file and can be saved for future reference.

What are access and permission settings in USB monitoring software?
Access Settings makes the USB drive accessible or inaccessible on the client’s machine. Permission Settings sets the USB drive status to Read only or Readable/Writable both on the client’s machine.

Can administrator change the access and permission settings for the client's machine?
Yes, the server machine operator can easily change the access and permission settings of the USB drives for the client as well as server machine.

Is the access and permission settings are applicable for server machine also?
Yes, the access and permission settings can be easily applied to the server machine also.

Can we save the Activity and Monitoring Log files using USB activity monitoring tool?
Yes, the user has the option to save the log files at an easy to find place on your Computer System.

What is the difference between Activity Log and Monitoring Log?

Activity Log stores the detailed information of all the changes made in access and permission settings by the Server along with date and time in real time.

Monitoring Log stores the status of detection and removal activities of USB Storage Devices occurred on Client machine including USB device details with date and time both in real time as well as offline (i.e. when network connection is broken or unplugged).