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» Does Data Doctor Recovery Windows support data recovery from previously existing hard disk partitions?
Yes, the professional Data Recovery Software is capable to recover all lost data from previously existing formatted partitions.

» What is data recovery?
Data recovery is the technique used to recover data from a variety of media including hard disk drives of your Desktop or Laptop and USB removable media devices including Pen drives, Memory cards that have been lost by hardware failure, human error, accidental deletion, software bugs, virus attack or natural disaster.

» How long does the data recovery process take?
The data recovery process depends on the size of hard disk drive. Files recovery process can vary from minutes to hours depending on the size of the disk drives.

» Which hard disk drive manufactures does the software support lost files and folders recovery?
The recovery software support all major branded hard disk drive (hard drive, hard disk or fixed disk) manufactures including Seagate, Samsung, Western digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, ExcelStor, Fujitsu, Hitachi etc.

» What is the difference between Standard Search and Advance Search recovery technique in the Windows data recovery software?
Standard search support recovery of lost files and folders from the disk drive due to accidental deletion, formatted disk drive (current and previously existing disk partitions), virus attack or other common data loss reasons.

Advance search support recovery of files and folders from previously existing disk partitions whose partition type is unknown and similarly support data recovery which is not possible with Standard search.

» What is the difference between logical and physical data recovery?
Logical data recovery is performed due to common logical data loss problems including virus corrupted data, corrupted boot files, partition data loss, deleted files, or data recovery from formatted hard disk.

Physical data recovery is performed when there is physical damage to the components of a hard disk such as hard drive clicking noise, hard drive platter damage and hard drive failure.