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Mac Keylogger Software


Mac OS X keylogger software allows user to record all activities performed on Mac machine.

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Mac Keylogger Software
Mac Keylogger Software

Mac spy software helps you to find out what is going on your Mac machine in your absence. Now you can easily track and record entire activities on Mac including

  • Both side chat conversation
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Incoming and outgoing emails
  • USB media insertion activities
  • Clipboard contents
  • Visited websites
  • Typed URLs
  • Online searches
  • Accessed applications and other activities

Software Features:

  • Works in hidden mode so external users can not detect about key logger installation on Mac machine.
  • Password protected utility that restricts unauthorized users to change its configuration settings.
  • Generates users’ activity reports in encrypted log files.
  • Provides backup of recorded activities details for future reference.
  • Software starts monitoring as soon as your Mac machine starts.
  • Captures skype video screen shots without being noticed by the users.
  • No technical skill or expert guidance is required to execute the software.
  • Examines what is being done on your Mac Machine.
  • Helps to monitor children internet activities like chat conversation, visited websites and online searches etc.
  • Tracks employees’ online activities and records USB insertion activities so that you can easily find out if your employee are stealing your confidential data.