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Keylogger Software


Keystroke Recorder Utility is computer-monitoring tool that records external user’s activities on the computer system in your absence. Data Doctor Key Logger Software records all typed keystrokes such as typed e-mail, passwords, chat conversation, URLs, text documents and generate detailed report of recorded data that can be secretly sent to user defined email accounts. Key logger utility traces all typed keyboard activities.

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Keylogger Software
Keylogger Software

Invisible keylogger software works as background process and remains hidden in Desktop items, Add/Remove program list and even from installation folder path.

Key logging program displays last login and start time of current session on main window. Keyboard key tracker software is undetectable, overrides all major antikeyloggers software, and helps to monitor external user activities whether at home or in office. Software is password-protected utility that prevents unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings. Keystroke recording tool is helpful in parental monitoring by keeping eye on their children activities (while net surfing or other activities performed on the computer system) when they are alone in home.

KeyLogger Software Features:

  • Secretly records all typed keystrokes and other user-performed activities on the computer system in your absence.
  • Trace typed e-mail, chat conversation, text documents, passwords and encrypted files.
  • Allow system owner to receive recorded logs at remote PC with email log feature.
  • Display last login and start session on main window with date and time.
  • Generate report of recorded data in txt or html file format for further use.
  • Software runs in hidden mode and does not appear in Desktop items, Program Files, installation folder path due to its hidden monitoring feature.
  • Facilitate users to access the application by assigning Hotkey or Run command while running in hidden mode.
  • Password protected software prevents unauthorized user to change or modify software configuration settings.
  • Useful for parental monitoring (track children activities), office (supervise employees activities), and for recording other external user internet activities.
  • User can view each input keystroke or can view only printing keystrokes as per choice.