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Advanced Keylogger Software


Pro Data Doctor keylogger software with extended features not only record keystrokes but also facilitates to track entire PC activities that includes voice chats, clipboard activities, captures screen snapshots at regular interval of time and other accessed applications. Keyboard key tracking tool ensures to record typed e-mails, passwords, chat conversation and other user-performed actions on the Desktop PC/Laptop Computer.

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Advanced Keylogger Software
Advanced Keylogger Software

Undetectable keystroke recording utility secretly records system/internet activities in encrypted log file that can be delivered at specified email or can be uploaded by FTP settings when you were not physically present there.

Key Logger with advanced features tracks keyboard activities with start login and end session on main window screen. Advanced key logger software is keystroke recording program with systematic help menu for user’s assist. PC surveillance utility is useful for home users and business organization to monitor external user activities.

Advance KeyLogger Software Features:

  • Records voice chat conversation, clipboard activities and captures windows screenshots periodically at regular interval of time.
  • Records external user activities in encrypted log file which is automatically mailed to user e-mail address or can be uploaded via FTP server settings.
  • Generate detailed activity reports in txt or html file format as per choice.
  • Displays start and end login session of any application on the main window.
  • Tracks typed e-mails, chats, passwords and other text document secretly.
  • Software runs in background without being known by current PC user.
  • Facilitates user to keep and view backup of recorded log file.
  • Easily accessible by setting Hotkey or Run command when running in stealth mode.
  • User can view every input keystroke or only text content rather than other pressed system keys as required.
  • Useful tool in Business monitoring and Parental monitoring.