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Setup Maker FAQ


What is MSI (Windows Installer) file?
The Windows Installer (previously known as Microsoft Installer) is an engine for the installation, maintenance and removal of software on modern Microsoft Windows systems. It is basically a system service for installing and managing applications. It provides a standard method for developing, customizing, installing, and updating applications.

What is EXE (Executable File) file?
Executable file contents are interpreted and are used to install, run programs and routines on different Operating Systems viz. Windows, DOS, VMS etc. Executable files are written in machine language and cannot be read by humans.

What is MSI to EXE setup creator?
MSI to EXE setup creator creates and builds executable files from existing MSI file installation setup package in an easy way.

Why to convert MSI file into EXE file?
MSI files are the windows installer files and require different components for the installation where as the EXE file is simply an executable file that requires no additional components while running and installing any software program. Therefore, MSI files can be converted into EXE setup installation files using MSI to EXE setup maker utility.

What is the technique used to create software exe setup file, so that when installed, easily displayed in Start Menu Folder?
Setup maker program creates exe file to install and run any software program on your computer system.

Is the software capable to maintain the original structure of the MSI file even after conversion?
Yes, the software easily maintains the original MSI file structure even it has been converted into EXE file.