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Chat Software FAQ


What is Live chat software?
Live chat software is used for online communication between website operator and visitors to provide live help and live support to all the website visitors and online customers in real time.

What are the major features of Data Doctor’s Live chat software?
Data Doctor’s Live chat software provides instant and simplified chat solution used to interact between website customer support executive and website visitor in real time.

Is there a demo of Live chat software so that I can download and test on my server?
Yes, Live chat software is available with 15 days free trial.

How do I know when a visitor wants to chat?
Live chat software application alerts web chat operator by a popup window with a sound beep when a customer or visitor requests a chat. So, you can easily come to know whenever a visitor wants to chat and will never miss a call.

Can website support executives chat with each other?
Yes, Live chat software offers the feature that enables operator to operator chat in real time.

Do website visitors need to download any software in order to chat?
No, there is no need to download or install any external component (including any hardware or software) to chat with the website operator.

Is there any facility of sending ‘canned responses’ for commonly asked questions?
Yes, the support executive has the facility of selecting and sending the saved messages used frequently while communicating with the visitor.

Can I browse internet while chatting with any visitor?
Yes, a browser window is provided within the software so as to save your time in accessing internet while providing help to the visitors.

Can it be possible to transfer the chat between operators?
Yes, the chat can be easily transferred from one operator to other that helps to provide more detailed information to the website visitor in real time.

Can we see what visitor is typing during the chat conversation?
Yes, you can easily come to know what visitors are typing at their side during the web chat interaction.

Is there any facility to send offline messages?
Yes, the website visitor will have the facility to send offline messages to the website support agents if they are not available online.