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Pocket PC forensic software


Pocket PC Forensic Software is Mobile Phone Investigation Software that enables forensic professional to extract all detailed information of Smart Phone or PDA devices.


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Pocket PC forensic software
Pocket PC forensic software

Professional PDA device investigation tool analyzes Windows based cell phone information that includes:

  • OS Registry Information - Application installed on Cell phone, User profile, Mobile architecture information etc.
  • Database Information - Database Name, Type, Records etc.
  • File Information - File Name, Size, Location, Creation Time/Date etc.
  • Phone Information - Phone book contact numbers, Text messages, Manufacturer name, Model number, IMEI number, Service provider name, Phone task information, Network status, Battery quality, Audio/Video files, Picture files and other saved files/folders etc.

Pocket PC forensic tool features:

  • Extract detailed information of Windows based mobile phone device instantly.
  • Examine mobile phone general information such as manufacturer name, model number, IMEI number, service provider status, saved contact numbers and text sms etc.
  • Analyze OS registry information, database information, file information etc.
  • Automated report generation in txt or html format.
  • GUI interface and integrated help menu.
  • Fast, flexible, cost effective and reliable pocket PC analyzer tool.
  • Pocket PC Forensic Software is useful in computer forensic, crime investigation and scientific analysis.

Please remember: Synchronize your mobile device by just connecting your PDA device with Computer system for transferring the information, files or settings. Synchronization is handled with different applications for Windows Vista and Windows XP or earlier.

Please check which operating system is running on your PC and choose the appropriate options following below:

  • If your PC is running on Windows Vista, your synchronization settings will be managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center.
  • If your PC is running on Windows XP (or earlier) your synchronization settings will be managed through Microsoft ActiveSync.