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Bulk SMS Software – Professional


Bulk SMS Software enables you to send mass text messages from PC to any mobile number via using USB Modems, GSM Cell phones, Android smart phones or Microsoft Windows based mobile handsets. SMS text messaging program allows you to add contact number manually or load contacts which is saved in excel file on PC. SMS sender program provides exclusion list Wizard option to maintain lists of contacts or groups, which you may exclude time to time when sending SMS.


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Bulk SMS Software – Professional
Bulk SMS Software – Professional

SMS text messaging program is comprehensive mobile marketing tool for enterprises to promote new products and services, updating market information, taking regular feedback, approaching new customers or entertaining clients with jokes and funny stuffs. Software facilitates people to stay in touch with employees, company partners, friends, family members and other known ones by broadcasting group text messages.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS Software – Professional:

  • Broadcast mass text messages to volume of people in short time.
  • Supports all major USB Modems, GSM phones, Android or Windows mobile phones.
  • Broadcast text message to all national and international mobile networks.
  • No hidden charges, monthly or setup costs.

Software Working Features:

  • Send bulk sms from PC to any mobile phone numbers via using USB Modems, GSM technology based mobile handsets, Android or Windows mobiles.
  • Import phone number list saved in Text/Excel file format on the PC/Laptop.
  • No internet connection required for sending text messages.
  • Easy mobile phone connection wizard.
  • Send Standard as well as Notification sms.
  • Save sent item details at specified location on the system.
  • Advance option to skip duplicate number entries.
  • Advanced Delay Delivery option while sending bulk sms (reducing sms broadcasting traffic).
  • Allows you to add or paste contact numbers manually for sending bulk SMS.
  • Provides option to send message in singe shot or one by one while using Android mobile phones.