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Employee Planner Software


Employee planner software provides solution to the time-consuming and difficult task of managing staff scheduling activities manually for any business organization. Staff scheduling tool can easily generate automated reports of company details and employee details. Multiple company records can be easily managed at one place by using the featured staff planning tool.


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Employee Planner Software
Employee Planner Software

Employee activities planning utility is featured with an easy to use platform for all company managers to plan daily tasks to carry out effective business processes. Business scheduling tool automatically generates various reports including employee in/out details, attendance, staff shift scheduling, Leave records, expenses and increment details and payroll details etc whenever required. Software removes entire manual work of business owners and saves all valuable time.

Software is used as expertise staff attendance tracking software which keeps track of various employee activities including –

  • Incoming and Outgoing timing details
  • Attendance details,
  • Leave details,
  • Salary details,
  • Tour details,
  • Training details,
  • Payroll details,
  • Increments and decrements information and other information all at one place

Features of Employee planner software

  • Staff planning tool can easily maintain multiple company staff details at one place.
  • Provides authentication feature which prevents unauthorized users to access company details.
  • Staff scheduling software automatically generates reports of in-out timing details, Employee attendance records, Employee shifts records, Employee leaves records and payroll details with increment/decrement etc.
  • Easily view and print records with advance print settings while printing accounting reports.
  • Business staff salary software allows user to print payroll pay slip for company employees.
  • Provides backup and restore database records if lost during any data loss conditions.
  • Business staff scheduling software is an easy to use utility with attractive GUI interface for users to easily work on it.