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DDR Professional
DDR Professional – Data Recovery Software recovers deleted or lost data from hard disk, USB flash drive and other data storage media. Software deeply scans your data storage device and recovers entire documents, pictures, videos, audios and other lost files and folders.
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FAT Data Recovery
FAT Data Recovery software recovers lost files and folders from FAT16 and FAT32 partitioned hard disk drives. FAT recovery program retrieves deleted text documents, photos, music files and other precious data FAT hard disk storage devices.
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NTFS Data Recovery
NTFS Data Recovery Software is useful program to get back deleted data from NTFS File system partitioned based Windows hard disk drives. NTFS recovery program recovers all deleted text documents, images, mp3/mp4 songs and other data from NTFS hard disk drives.
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Digital Camera Data Recovery
Digital camera data recovery software retrieves lost or deleted videos clips as well as photos from digital camera and camcorder devices. Digital camera recovery software restores all lost, photos from different types of digital camera such as professional camera, digital video and many others.
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Digital Pictures Recovery
Digital pictures recovery software restores lost memorable photos from computer hard disk, memory card, flash drive and other storage media. Photo recovery program recover lost images after accidental deletion, formatting or any logical corruption.
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Memory Card Data Recovery
Memory Card Data Recovery software is easy to use program that helps you to get back lost pictures, videos, audios and other data from various types of memory cards including SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, CF card, memory sticks PRO DUO and other types memory card.
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DDR Professional
Mobile Phone Data Recovery software is developed to retrieve deleted videos, pictures, wallpapers, images and other precious data from cell phone. Cell phone recovery program quickly scans your mobile phone and restores all deleted or lost data.
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Android Data Recovery
Android Data Recovery software is designed and developed to get back deleted, missing or lost data such as pictures, videos, wallpapers, documents and other data from android mobile phone and tablet PC devices.
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Removable Media Data Recovery
Removable media data recovery software empowers you to restore deleted, lost or erased files and folders from USB flash memory devices. Software helps you to bring back your lost text files, pictures, videos/audios songs and other data from USB Digital storage media.
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Pen Drive Data Recovery
Pen drive data recovery software offers comprehensive solution to recover lost data from flash drive, thumb drive, key drive and other types of USB drives. Pen drive recovery program restores erased documents, pictures, mp3/mp4 files and other data from USB drive.
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iPod Data Recovery
iPod Data recovery software retrieves deleted or lost audio/video files from iPod Nano, Classic, Shuffle, Mini and other latest iPod models. iPod data recovery program recovers erased mp3/mp4 songs from different types of iPod music players.
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Sim Card Data Recovery
Sim Card Data Recovery software provides complete backup of your lost data such as text messages, contact number and other data from mobile phone sim card. Sim card recovery program provides complete details of SIM card such as IMSI number, service provider name, location and other information.
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Zune Data Recovery
Zune Data Recovery software allows you to recover deleted or lost audios/videos songs from Zune music player device. Zune data recovery program deeply scans disk and retrieves all lost files and folders from Zune player.
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