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Data Wiper
When you work with your computer system, the windows application creates several files on your PC hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These temporary and junk files are supposed to be erased when any application terminates. But sometimes the files are not removed because of:
  • A program error
  • Careless architecture
  • System was reset or not properly shut down
  • Another application has stopped responding and crashed
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Why should clean the disk?

Every time the running program on your Tablet PC creates temporary and garbage files which will take valuable hard disk space effecting on the system speed. It should be required to clean your disk drive for:

  • Increasing the Desktop PC performance
    Clean disk drive for improving the performance of your computer because of temporary files, junk files, internet files which occupied the disk space.
  • Preventing your sensitive data
    Another important reason to clean your computer is to secure your confidential information from the intruders and other external users, so that nobody can access your sensitive data.

Why do need Data Wiper?

  • Permanently wipe deleted private confidential information (such as financial records, password etc) for your privacy.
  • Wipe data from your hard disk drive making its recovery impossible.
  • Make sure nobody can recover your deleted information for maintaining computer security.

Application areas of Data Wiper:

  • Useful for home users who do not want to share internet history with any one.
  • Useful for schools and colleges to prevent the leakage of confidential information.
  • Useful for business employees who don't want to share their computer activity with their colleagues.

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