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Live chat software provides complete help desk solution to interact with your website customers or visitor’s in real time. The chatting utility facilitates its users by answering all the queries of the customers in real time. The key factor of all chat support programs is that it can help you to understand more about your site and the way people interact with it.

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The chatting tools provide various interactive features illustrated below:

  • Provide support of multi departments to the online customers and visitors.
  • Provide operator to operator chat conversation.
  • Facilitate to provide chat history details along with date and time information.
  • Customer can easily get email transcript of chat sessions.
  • Facility of Canned messages that contains the saved messages used when the operator wants to send a response to the visitor instantly.
  • Chat software provides facility to transfer the ongoing chat in-between the operators.
  • These communication utilities are able to provide visitor detailed information including Visitor IP, Visitor Name, Browser, Arrival Time and Date, Department and Current Page.
  • The software tools are easy to use and can be easily operated by technical or non-technical operators.
  • Web based chatting utilities are highly attractive to the user with friendly user interface understandable by the user.
  • Software tools have full security features including user Id and passwords administration.

Online interaction utility, useful for various Industries, Companies, Insurance, Law Firms, Universities, Real Estate, Organizations, Telecom Industries, Information Technology, Financial Departments, E-Commerce Stores, Business Corporations, Web Hosting etc supports Live chat between website's customer support agents or website's online customers and visitors in real time.

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